February 2017

The Writer’s Space with Shirani Rajapakse

Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine with Sam Rose

September 2016

Duane’s PoeTree with Duane Vorhees

Ink In Thirds with Grace Black

August 2016

The Daily Poet Site with Dustin Pickering

July 2016

In So Many Words: Interviews and Poetry from Today’s Poets (print)

June 2016

Talk With ME with Marcia Epstein (radio)

May 2016

Nibstears with Awwal Opeyemi (also available here)

Poetry Paraphernalia with JD DeHart (reprint) 

April 2016

Interview Series with Adam Levon Brown

January 2016

Geosi Reads with Geosi Gyasi

December 2015

Dissident Voice with Angie Tibbs

The Word Ocean with Dee Thompson

October 2015

Profiles in Poetry with JD DeHart

September 2015

Yellow Chair Review with Alexzan Burton

Interviews I’ve conducted

March 2017

Matt Borczon – Walking Is Still Honest Press

February 2017

Sheikha A. – Walking Is Still Honest Press

Charity Janisse – Novelmasters (reprint)

Fabrice Poussin – The Blue Mountain Review

Don Beukes – 17Numa Showcase Spotlight #6

January 2017

Ananya S. Guha – Walking Is Still Honest Press

Damian Rucci – Walking Is Still Honest Press

Heath Brougher – 17Numa Showcase Spotlight #5

November 2016

Charity Janisse – The Blue Mountain Review 

October 2016

Johnny Longfellow – Novelmasters (reprint)

September 2016

Emily Ramser The Wagon Magazine (reprint)

Johnny Longfellow – 17Numa Showcase Spotlight #3

July 2016

Sarah Frances Moran – The Blue Mountain Review

Emily Ramser – 17Numa Showcase Spotlight #1

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