Author Scott Thomas Outlar: Platitudes toward Paradise

Cheers and thank you to Raja Williams for posting this excerpt from Happy Hour Hallelujah at the CTU Publishing site recently…

Creative Talents Unleashed

It has been said

a time or two

that the early bird

gets the worm,

so I’m up with the dawn

to dive into the dirt,

rip into the soil,

and tear apart the Earth

until I get mine.

I’ve heard it spoken

by three or thirty

that nothing is ever easy,

so I’m breathing deeply

until perfect mindfulness

completely engulfs my psyche

and I become able

to laugh at and be thankful

for every little challenge

that helps toughen my resolve

toward the enlightenment I seek.

Some people sing

about how chaos leads to order

in this experience

full of pain and pleasure,

and I couldn’t agree more,

so I raise my voice on high

with the symphony of the spheres,

praising this precious life

for all its ups and downs

as I rise and fall

in rhythm with each stage

that guides me along

toward the fate etched…

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Bright Light


Wipe me clean
without Clorox or bleach
just simple honesty

Sanitation is next to salvation
in some circles

Sacred vowels
ooh and ah
before sighing

Little spaces in the corner
dusted off
brought to surface
made to shine

Lord, help me find
the right words
to tithe

All I have
left to offer
are my dreams

The sun is fierce, and I like it. Thank you to my family and friends. Thank you to everyone who supports my work. Thank you to everyone who helps keep me inspired. Selah

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Happy Hour Hallelujah is available here through CTU Publishing

March Recap … Setting Forth

I mustn’t be held responsible for the poems that leak from my pen. They just are. It just is. It’s all in good fun, even the bits about chaos and revolution.
I does not necessarily refer to me. That’s part of the point of being an artist for fuck’s sake.
In the moment you stop taking everything so seriously, you realize just how truly important everything really is.
Looking Down
I’d like to thank all the editors associated with these 17 venues for accepting and/or publishing my work in March:
Dissident Voice, ELSiEiSY, Medusa’s Kitchen, CTU Publishing, Piker Press, Visual Verse, Leaves of Ink, Dime Show Review, Episteme, GloMag, Tuck Magazine, Communicators League, Duane’s PoeTree, Nat’s Writings, Inigo Online, Into the Void Magazine, and Our Poetry Archive.
Audio from my set at the Visions of Verse event that was hosted by The Southern Collective Experience in March can be heard here on SoundCloud. That was one of the major highlights of the month, though I’ve been smiling an awful lot lately, which helps one good day run right into the next.
April is a time of expansion. Forward movement toward the ripened fruits of spring. There are beautiful things afoot. I wish everyone a happy, healthy, inspired, bountiful month ahead! Selah

Shining True

Bacchanalian Sundown with S’mores
The only person that some people
will lie to in life is themselves.
Even this
is bound to catch up sometimes.
Others are far more indiscriminate
with the way in which they spread their wicked wares.
But such as these
are easy to see
from three thousand miles away
with ten thousand rays of light
shining bright, shining hard, shining true.
They always catch themselves on fire
in the end,
and some of us
love to watch
a good flame burn.
So let us laugh
and dance
with wine
and marshmallows.
So let us sing
and weep
with tears
of honest joy.

As March grinds to a halt and April shifts into gear, I only want to say how much I care. So let us be at peace. And let us rise again with the flames. It never gets old. Selah

Some Risks Are Well Worth Taking

Bored with the Games of Chance
When we all
lay our wars
upon the table,
we’re sure to see
red carnage
soon spilleth over.
So if you must
consider me a child
with a bad temper
who likes to smash the board
when games are rigged.
Monopoly and Risk
both leave us bankrupt
in the end;
now please excuse me
from this theater of terror
while I collect my dice
to go roll
through greener pastures.
The only bet
I’d ever feel safe
doubling down on
is that salvation
will soothe your soul
after your mind
allows grace to grow.

Stoked that my poem “The Goddess and Dostoyevsky” was posted recently at The Poet’s Haven. This piece is an excerpt from my full-length poetry collection, Happy Hour Hallelujah. Anyone who might be interested in picking up a copy of the book can do so here on my author’s page at the CTU Publishing website.
Thank you to everyone who visits 17Numa and supports my work. Sending well-wishes out to all my friends, family, and those I’ve yet to meet but one day will. 

The Little Things That Heal

Zero-Point Transition
This is not a poem about me
even though I have already used the word me twice
and I will use the word I thrice
by the time it’s through
Lose your smaller self
to the source
and you just might find
something bigger
smiling back
at your simpler soul

My poem “Just to Be on the Safe Side” was published recently on the Dissident Voice Sunday Poetry Page. Thank you to Angie Tibbs for all the work she does each week!
There is also a recording of it available here on my SoundCloud account.

Two Poems by Scott Thomas Outlar

It was an honor to have two poems appear recently in the debut issue of The Electronic Pamphlet…

The Electronic Pamphlet

​Packing a Punch

Not every poem
has to hit a homerun
pertaining to the wit
with which it is presented.

It is not perfection
that is expected,
only the pursuit thereof.

A Rage Most Sublime

She dances with Shiva –
a controlled frenzy
taken to the furthest edge
of a precarious precipice,
laughing with thunder,
alive with electric chaos
pulsing through each
burning tendril, tantalizing,
reaching out to touch
the distance we cannot fathom…

She screams with a nuclear reaction–
a crazed momentum
careening past the urge to cease,
giving way to fervent temptations,
stretching out to taste the Beast,
seized by silent surrender,
and Revelation is
a sacrifice to the gods of war
who want more, more, more,
demanding blood at the altar…

She is the dripping chalice –
a chosen huntress
roaring with the scales of judgment,
passing righteous verdicts
rendered nightly from the moon
as waves crash…

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