Cupid’s Arrow

I’m pleased that my poem “Caressing Clichés into Comforting Sighs” appears in the new Cupid’s Arrow print anthology released by Creative Talents Unleashed out of Helendale, California. Big thank you to Raja Williams and Mark Heathcote for including my work in their project. Copies are available here.

Cupid's Arrow anthology cover


Hidden Gateways

Burn fire. Breathe flak. Bask in the light. Seek comfort in shadows. Soldier on. Solidify the war cry. Impermanence is oblivious to your desires. You will be loved times ten either way. Kiss the moon. Suck on stars. Construct destruction. Dissect oblivion on a high wire. Pulse past the perfect rhythm. There is even more waiting in the galley. Take the wheel. The dream is real. Sanctify absolution. The turnstile spinneth. Tickets flutter in the wind. Grab your sacred hand. Lay five aces on the table. God and greed spill out your sleeve. Lick the chips. Salt and passion caress your lips. It’s the last defense. Only hallelujah waits beyond the gates.

Wise Words with Bruce Wise

It was a very cool surprise to happen across a poem from Bruce Wise (AKA Cause Bewilder) dedicated to me in this latest edition of Wise Words at oddball magazine…

oddball magazine

At the Pyeongchang Olympics
by Dae Wi “Scrub” Lee

This winter two Koreas will march in together in
the Pyeongchang Olympics, walking as if they were one.
They will be marching under the Korean Uni-flag,
white background with blue silhouette of the peninsula.
The two Koreas plan to field an ice-hockey team;
it is an effort to thaw frosty-cold diplomacy.
Though ladies from the South Korean team aren’t happy, since
some will be dropped from off the team they thought they would be with.
Though Moon Jae-in thanked Trump for talks between the enemies,
not all agreed with adversary ex-pe-di-en-cy.

Dae Wi “Scrub” Lee is a poet of Korea.


JFK Airport Arrest, January 15, 2018
by Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei

Ex-CIA case officer, one Jerry Chun Shing Lee,
who has been living in Hong Kong is now in custody.
Arrested when he came to JFK airport today;
he was…

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Serbian Translations

I’m thrilled that three of my poems were recently translated into Serbian and have now been published in the new print edition of 22 Baroha. Huge thank you to Danijela Trajkovic for including my work in her project. It’s an honor to appear in the company of so many great contemporary writers. Copies of the anthology are available here…

22 Wagons (Serbian Translations)

I woke up beaming today with a huge smile filling my face. There is so much to be thankful for in my life right now. Where my writing is concerned and, most importantly, on a personal level. The waves are rising on high. It’s what they call a joy ride. Sending out lots of laughter, love, and light. Selah


I’m looking forward to watching the NCAA National Championship game later this evening. Hopefully some loud howls of utter happiness will erupt throughout the contest. A few tears of joy being shed at the end wouldn’t be the worst thing ever either. The last time UGA won the title I was only a few months old. So my memories are quite vague. This game, however, will surely be remembered forever.

Georgia Hat 2

I’m happy that a poem of mine appears in the new debut issue of The Pangolin Review published out of Mauritius. My words appear alongside the work of several other writers that I admire. “Vines” can be read here…