Scott Thomas Outlar

Constellation: Celestina


Alpha Point Apocalypse

You are the first and the last
from the beginning until the end

You are the womb and the grave
from the sex to the worms

You are the sun and the moon
from the fire to the shadows

You are the strength and the weakness
from the high rise to the fall

from the primal roar to the gasping moan
You are the truth and the lie

from the creation to the garden
from the honest word to the deceitful tongue

You are the flesh and the soul
from the body to the source

You are the angel and the animal
from the halo to the fangs

from the perfect peace to the carnage
You are the order and the chaos

from the evolution to the breakdown
from the build up to the crash

You are the love and the hatred
from theā€¦

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