Implosive Absolution

Strip away the power from the Beast System. Strip away the power from the IMF, from the World Bank, from the United Nations. And give the power back to the Federal government. Strip away the power from the Federal Government. Strip away the power from the Federal Reserve. And give the power back to the States. Strip away the power from the States. And give the power back to the counties. Strip away the power from the counties. And give the power back to the cities. Strip away the power from the cities. And give the power back to the local communities. Strip away the power from the local communities. And give the power back to the family. Strip away the power from the family. And give the power back to the individual. Strip away the power from the individual. And give the power back to God.

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I’m not here claiming to have all the answers (just a few when I’m feeling particularly self-righteous). I have, however, searched the cavernous regions of my own psyche fairly deeply during the past several years; I’m pleased with the results, but will never become cocky enough to believe that it’s okay to cease seeking further improvements in every aspect of life. There is no actual state of perfection that exists, only a path that promises to inch ever-closer toward its ineffable nature.

Honestly, I’m just here to have a bit of fun, ignite huge fires (all figurative, of course), and sling words around with the intention that they might land safely by aligning in an interesting order that makes them somewhat entertaining to read. At the end of the day, it’s a primal urge toward Renaissance and Revolution that turns me on. No big deal really.

Anyway, that sort of nonsense wasn’t even the original point of this post. But I simply can’t help myself sometimes. After all, there’s never been a more exciting time to be alive. Please forgive me if I get a bit hyped up now and then.


I’ll try this again. Deep breath. Focus. OK. When Christopher Gretkus asked me to come on board as a contributing editor at Novelmasters last year, I was more than happy to take him up on the offer, although I did say up front that other responsibilities on my plate might limit the amount of time I’d have to put toward the site. For the most part, this has proven to be true thus far. Thankfully, I have been able to solicit work from a few contemporary poets, and an interview that I conducted with Johnny Longfellow in which he waxes philosophical on a number of topics appeared not too long ago. I’m excited to announce that there are more interviews in the pipeline that will be appearing soon, and I’m going to try my level best to start sending in essays on a regular basis.

The brass tacks of what I’m trying to say here is that Christopher has established one hell of a slick, sleek, finely tuned venue. He’s continually updating and improving the design of Novelmasters, and I hope that you’ll swing by and check out some of the art and literature available to peruse. This page features links to my poetry, essays, and interview at the site.


Featured Writer: Scott Thomas Outlar

My poem “Continuous Light” was featured at CTU Publishing recently. Thank you to Raja Williams for allowing me to contribute…

Creative Talents Unleashed

Continuous Light


My days do not begin with the sun,

and they do not end with the stars.


My days do not have an alpha,

and they do not have an omega.


My days do not rely on the hours of a clock

or the rotation of the earth.


My days do not require food or water

or oxygen or sleep or prayer or faith.


My days are not spent questioning

the meaning of existence through philosophy.


My days are not days at all

because my life is now but one day,

one moment, one thought, one meditation,

one experience constantly unfolding

as a single, pure, righteous source of light.


My day belongs to you

because my day was born from you.


My day is here, my day is now,

My day is truth, my day is you.


© Scott Thomas…

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With the Wind

It’s not about the fire
or the spectacle
of this system
going up in flames.
It is, as it has always been,
about what comes next
from out of the ashes.
Don’t be distracted
by shiny objects.
The prize
is what gets birthed
in our new image.

One choice is to get hysterical and lose your shit. Another choice is to stay focused and zone-in on the zero-point at the end of this mission. You can guess which path I’m walking. You can bet I spit with the wind.
My poem “Eye to Eye” appeared recently here at Stanzaic Stylings.

Sweet and Sour

Open Letter to My Enemies
You’re so sexy when you’re mad at me.
The only thing that could make this scene sweeter
is if you start to cry.

Can I kiss you while you weep?
But wouldn’t you rather
laugh and howl and
rise and roar?

callanwolde-fine-arts-center-logoI had an opportunity to read a selection of my work at the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center recently in Atlanta, Georgia. While inside this magnificent venue, the permeation of pure poetry pours through one’s blood. It’s an inviting experience. The audio from my set is up here on SoundCloud.
The first poem I read at the event was published this week on the Dissident Voice Sunday Poetry Page. “Spinning Sensations” appears at this link.

Code of Conduct

If you’re going to fight a war, make sure you win it quickly. Especially if you are in a favorable position of strength. Anything less means you are toying with your victim like a terrorist bully. See: a doomed and decadent empire dropping tens of thousands of bombs across the world every year, but never seriously considering how to bring an end to the chaos.
Don’t be a warmonger. Don’t be a chicken shit.
War is justified in certain (circumstantial) conditions. There is such a thing as moral superiority.
We came here not to punch you in the nose, but to bury you underfoot.
We stand here now not to sign new contracts, but to enforce those that have already been broken.
Psychological warfare is good as far as it goes…
A slap in the face can also serve a purpose.
Poignant precision is all we have left. We cannot help but to defeat you, destroy you, ruin you, return you to that fire from whence you came.
I say unto thee: Let it burn.
Figuratively speaking, of course.
On that note, it’s off with their heads as well.

Songs of a Dissident Front

Songs of a Dissident is available here on Amazon.

Reflections on the New Age (Entering Atlantis Version 2.0)

A small (yet ever-increasing) number of people are deeply informed about the complex geopolitical conditions of the modern world. Though never perfect, their ideological leanings are at least based on solid research and logical analysis of the facts. They are blessed with a moral compass through which their agenda in life unfolds. Engaging with them in conversation is somewhat like dancing merrily through paradise hand in hand with enlightened angels. They also tend to smell nice.

Meanwhile, vast swaths of people have completely lost their sense of intuition and instinct. Such as these are like unto cult members who spew every opinion out of their mouth as if they are nothing more than gibbering parrots, having absolutely no clue how to discern between reality and propaganda. These people should be observed with piqued curiosity; however, such research should always be conducted from a safe distance. These drooling automatons are victims of the very institutions which they loyally serve, it is true, but their hysterics can prove to be dangerous when experienced in close quarters.

Don’t be a rube. It is not sexy. It is not cool.

Don’t be a mark. Your nihilistic death urge is no longer trendy and cute.

Don’t be a fool. Being able to engage in blind obedience to the systems that oppress you is not a skill to brag about on your resume. The world is evolving all around us, quickly. Learn to stand up straight and walk tall or you’re going to get trampled underfoot. Learn to surf atop the wave or you’ll wind up drinking the tide.

On a completely unrelated note (though once you’ve experienced the high symphony of synchronicity sweeping through your soul, it’s difficult to claim that all events in life aren’t quantumly connected to some degree), my book Chaos Songs is now available on Amazon through Weasel Press. Please consider picking up a copy here.