Put on a Happy (Hour) Face

Strong of flesh.
Strong of mind.
Strong of heart.
Strong of soul.
Or so I hope.
Life comes down to this:
How good are your plans? And how well can you execute them?
Put up or shut up or stand out or go silent. It’s all about living moment to moment, adapting through the carnage of this life. With a smile and a happy face. Because even though evil runs amok in a melee across this earth, it’s still fun to know that we will defeat all of its forces in the end (coming soon).

I’ve posted very little of my work the past half year here at 17Numa. Six months feels like one beat of the heart. One blink of the eyes. One breath. Once upon a time, back in July, Cultured Vultures debuted their Poetry Spotlight series by featuring three of my poems. “Request Denied,” “Back to Basics,” and “Happy Hour Harbinger” can be read via this link.

A Little Midnight Prayer to Resurrect

Thank You
Praise the Lord
Alignment with
The Holy Spirit Vibration
resonating through
The Phoenix Generation
as they manifest
The Renaissance Revolution
from out the ashes
of America
to create Atlantis
Version 2.0
in this new Day and Age
Why not?
It’s kind of catchy, right?
Hook, line, and sinker
Fathoms deep, where the fish swim
But those sirens always sing the sweetest
Only sovereignty of spirit will save my soul

 “Singing on the Way to Our Grave” is out this week at Dissident Voice. The beautiful leaves of autumn flash with brilliant color before they fade back to the dirt. And the cycle spins as the system shifts.


Some people stand up straight and stare down the sun. Some people grovel on their knees kissing feet.
Be evolution, not its footprint.
It’s a freelance offer, and I’m free to fly (wings and halos).
His name was poem; her name was fictitious (angels fated to fall).
Not every answer is custom fit. Not all the questions get asked.

Praxis Magazine released Around This Fire 3 recently. A chapbook of poems written in response to Edwin Madu’s, Poetry for the Mildly Insane. The collection was compiled by the wonderful Laura M. Kaminski, and I am thankful that my poem “Sacred Soil” was included.

The Blue Mountain Review

Issue 5 of The Blue Mountain Review is filled to the brim with fine poetry, fiction, photography, and interviews from powerful contemporary voices. As work on issue 6 kicks into high gear, I thought it seemed a good time to share the one-year anniversary issue. Hell, I might as well just go ahead and provide links to them all, right? Right.
Cliff Brooks, Holly Holt, Felino A. Soriano, Chani Butler, Jennifer Avery, and all the crew of The Southern Collective Experience put their hearts and souls into these issues, just as they do in all aspects of their lives. As do I. We hope this effort shines through in our art. Thank you to everyone who has contributed words and images to BMR thus far, and thank you to everyone who has read, enjoyed, shared, or been inspired by the issues. We truly appreciate all those who have helped us spread the good word about the magazine. Anyone interested in sending a submission our way can find the guidelines here.
 The Southern Collective Experience

Shorter University
NPR/WUTC Chattanooga, Tennessee
(Dante’s Old South)
Allatoona Book Festival
Find us on:

When Work Becomes Play

I’m thankful to CTU Publishing for nominating a poem of mine for the 2016 Pushcart Prize. “Detoxification” is an excerpt from the full-length collection they released back in August, Happy Hour Hallelujah. This author’s page has more information about the book. I’ve now received three nominations this year, and I’m feeling rather fortunate at the moment.


All I know to do is live day by day, and to build a vision of the future that rises from the flames.
All I want to say is everything in the same moment, but one word at a time will have to do.
All I need was already given. All that I want is right now. All that remains is work. Thank God this is fun.

November 2016 Recap

I was honored and humbled to receive two Pushcart Prize nominations during the month of November. Transcendent Zero Press nominated “Sacrificial Pawns” – an excerpt from the chapbook they released, Songs of a Dissident. Spirit Fire Review nominated “Expansive Salvation” – a poem that was published at their site in September.

Thank you to the editors associated with these 17 venues for accepting and/or publishing my work during November:

The Poeming Pigeon; Dissident Voice; Praxis Magazine; Duane’s PoeTree; Whispers; VerseWrights; Leaves of Ink; Agjencioni Floripress; International Poetry; BlazeVOX; CTU Publishing; Nacional; GloMag; World Poetry Open Mic anthology; The Blue Mountain Review; Anti-Heroin Chic; and Poetry Leaves.

Also in November, I had an opportunity to perform at Shorter University along with friends from The Southern Collective Experience. There are several videos from the event posted here on our YouTube page
The Cubs won the World Series. There is quite a bit of compacted emotion contained in that short sentence. As a man who once aspired to be a pitcher who could help win the championship for the team, I tip my hat to those who were able to finish the job. Thirty years of anticipation was well worth the wait.
After I stopped playing baseball back in 1999, I turned my attention toward writing. I picked up a pen and practiced the craft until I was ready for the next phase. Patience. Diligence. Balance. More patience. Fast forward 15 years. The first poem I finally published was in June of 2014 at Dissident Voice. Two and a half years later, I reached the milestone of publishing my 1000th poem. It’s been an interesting journey so far. There are cycles within cycles within cycles, and, as December begins, I spin again…

Shredding Silence

A whole lot of love mixed with a dash of hatred bakes the perfect feast.
Let’s get wild and dance. I’ll start the fire. You stomp the earth.
High on the drug of future sight. We’ll all get dizzy and dream of a destiny ignited.
There are some dangerous fools in this world. Break them with the will to conquer. Paper tigers and screaming hyenas. Ripped to shreds and silenced.
Spit in the face of a righteous wind. There are angels here protecting us through war. Every little thing will wash out clean in the flood.

My poem “Ordo ab Chao” can be read here at International Times.